Sunday, January 10, 2010

Customize. Personalize. You are what you wear.

Start to customize your own Tshirt. Personalize your Tshirt with a variety of color selections, 9 different sizes and 4 different cuts. Customize your logo by choosing your text and image that you fancy.

You have 2 options. Either to buys these for yourself or you can join our biz team and make great fabulous income!

Just received this gorgeous orange tshirt this morning. Cantik tak? Specially for those who like shirts with numbers. You can choose with design and color, there's a lot to choose from.



So to those who are interested, do not hesitate to call 018-378 1800 or -012-363 8363 for a more detailed explanation. You can also leave your details here at Pick-a-Tee and we will contact you. You have a choice to either buy, or join our biz team for that additional income.

This is a new business! Be an early bird so that your gain will be to the max!